AGENT 2021 Conference

At the Agent 2021 Conference, Grant and Gary threw down every piece of inspiration an agent might need to get up and create a thriving business- with very actionable guidance.

Grant starts by outlining how to market Millennials specifically. Understanding how to market to Millennials is so much simpler than the strategies you might be familiar with. The only thing to focus on is understanding what they want. Later down the road, agents can introduce the alternate, what the client truly needs, but rapport is created initially through sparking interest and tapping into what the client starts their search with. There is a major disconnect when the agent’s average age is close to fifty-four and the millenial is in their twenties and thirties today. Agents will really have to study the local Millennial to begin to craft a meaningful message.

After the agent has gained initial contact, their marketing efforts should turn sharply toward retargeting efforts. Here a parasocial relationship is formed where the client will start to feel like they know the agent and their mannerisms, celebritizing the agent in their local market.

The biggest obstacle in marketing right now for agents is fear of getting in front of the camera. Time and time again we hear this objection. Grant relays that it is ok not to execute perfectly (he increased his business’s value by ten times on a video he shot in his home with a ten dollar whiteboard), it’s ok to not have a professional video (maybe even preferred), or to sound as if you’ve been speaking in front of thousands of people every day. Put yourself out there in video format, end of story! Interview local businesses, indoctrinate your new leads about the process, and above all else, deliver content that is valuable.

A new agent asks Grant, “how do I move into a new market? I’ve only had my license for two months and I’m moving to a new market where I don’t know anyone. I don’t really have a marketing budget.”

His response is very clear- define who you want to work with and work diligently to create a message that is relevant to the interests of those people. He also notes how anyone could find a hundred dollars a month to put into a small series of facebook ads to start generating leads to work off of. In conjunction with free options like creating your sphere and posting on facebook organically, you’ve already created your own functioning marketing plan for the new market.

In Gary’s address to the crowd, he offers advice on content specifically, stating it’s the “variable of success.” He also adds that as trends in real estate and social media ebb and flow, personal brand will be what endures. Further, he addresses the need to try everything, saying “some things manifest and others don’t.” Lastly, he states the importance of keeping yourself accountable to be immersed in your own brand- don’t outsource anything that you could do yourself. Gary points out that every single post of his on instagram is written by him. He may have people that aim to inspire or direct the message, but when it comes to it, his thumbs are the one typing it out with his own voice being captured.

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