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EP.48:Interview With Dusty Baker

In this episode Grant Wise catches up with California based Realtor, Dusty Baker. Right off the bat, Dusty’s smile and enthusiasm make you want to hear what he has to say. When Dusty was in college he became at intern to a top producer in the industry. Even before he was sure that real estate […]

EP.47: Interview With Lauren Taylor

In this episode Grant Wise gets to hear from Lauren Taylor, who will really blow you away with her perspective on being a Realtor. We hear so much in the real estate market about closing the deal, but Lauren takes it in a whole other direction. From Lauren’s approach, it’s almost like the sale itself […]

EP.46: Interview With Julie Youngblood

In this week’s episode, Grant Wise sits down with Julie Youngblood, who at 17 years old, graduated from high school with no idea what she wanted to do career-wise with her future. Both of her parents were Realtors so she decided to get her real estate license. It took her seven attempts, but she eventually […]

EP.45: Interview With Brandon Wise

Brandon Wise was overwhelmed as he was beginning his career as a Realtor. He felt like he needed a system to keep everything in one place so things wouldn’t be so overwhelming. He happened to have a friend who was just starting out as a computer programmer. They put their heads together to create the […]

EP.44: Interview With Dirk Zeller

An expert in all things real estate, Dirk Zeller, was a Top 10 Agent in the 10 state region at the height of his career as a Realtor.  At his peak, during the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, Dirk was selling an average of 150 homes a year. After climbing the ladder of success as […]

EP.42: Interview With Jay Baer

A Digital Marketing savant, Jay Baer got his start in the game back in 1993 when you could domain names for free, and the simple act of taking action would get you the types of results you dreamed of. Jay now spends his time helping his clients build a story their customers can tell. Having […]

EP.41: Interview With Carl Allen

Carl Allen has been buying and selling businesses for the last twenty-six years. Although he lives in the UK now, he says he grew up on Wall Street, an impressive resume behind him. He was an investment banker, worked in private equity, and took part in corporate transactions as well. With the birth of his […]

EP.40: Interview With Chris Smith

Early in his career, Chris Smith worked for Lou Pearlman (of the Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, and other major acts) and Dan Gilbert (founder and creator of Quicken Loans) and notes those mentors as the ones that taught him everything he needed to know about phone sales. Smith then went on to work for Top Producer […]

EP.39: Interview With Dr. Lee Davenport

Dr. Lee Davenport grew up in a real estate family, with both mom and dad in real estate investing. Because mom and dad worked so hard, it meant Lee had to tend to the house as a only child and she hated that. In 2001, she had just finished up college and was convinced since […]

EP.38: Brindley Tucker

Brindley Tucker got her start as soon as she got out of college when she went to work on Wall Street. She says her secret has always been to go in and learn everything she wanted to by being an assistant. That rang true as she moved to Texas to assist in the sales of […]

EP.37: Interview With Michael Hellickson

Hellickson started selling real estate in 1991 and believes greatly that people get further together. As a coach that mainly deals with helping people develop and grow their teams, Michael explains that his expertise has helped him compress the process for his clients. Listen and/or watch below! At the height of Michael’s own team’s successes, […]

EP.36: Interview With Verl Workman

Verl Workman has been training and speaking directly to real estate agents for twenty years. His first company he sold to Homes.com during the .com frenzy and went on to raise seventy million dollars for it. He used his successful sale of his company to get on as many stages and possible and start helping […]

EP.35: Interview With David Huffman

David Huffman is the founder of Closings on Demand. He has been in the real estate industry for sixteen years, spending fourteen of those in production. Across those fourteen years, David has helped over 1,200 families make their residential transition. Listen and/or watch below! Huffman pins his success on his ability to observe. He says […]

EP.34: Interview With Preston Schmidli

Once Preston Schmidli realized the need for marketing in insurance, he knew that it had the same application in real estate. He left his insurance company and started a real estate brokerage from scratch. That was the start of financial hardship for him, he notes, specifically when he got the note on his door that […]

EP.33: Interview With Bubba Mills

Bubba Mills grew up with his mother, a single parent, who worked in the finance industry. He best remembers doing homework underneath her desk as she hustled to get her work done. He has carried that same zeal into his businesses since, feeling a strong calling to do a substantial amount of giving personally and […]

EP.32: Interview With Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Pietz has parked herself in the marketing industry and is the National Director of Social Sales for Fidelity National Financial in the title and escrow business. She has been in the industry for twenty years, starting as an agent, and transitioning to the title and escrow side after the crash in 2008. When the […]

EP.31: Interview With Tyler Jack Harris

Four years ago, Tyler Jack Harris had just gone through catastrophic marriage and business failures, and was at a place where he did not know what direction to head. Taking ownership of everything that happened to him, he reached out and got connected with mentors that took him under their wing and gave him the […]

EP. 30: Interview With Jessie Morfin

Jessie Morfin, 37, lives in San Bernardino, CA has been in real estate sales for fifteen of the last twenty years. In the last five years, he has transitioned from sales with the very clear goal of streamlining the sales process for the individual agent. Through his efforts, Jessie runs a brokerage that now closes […]

EP. 29: Interview With Ricky Carruth

As a child, Ricky Carruth was keenly aware that he could beat anyone at anything he simply put the time and effort in. This notion carried across his life as he joined his father in his roofing work, first learning the craft, to eventually outworking and outpacing his dad. Ready to take his work ethic […]

EP. 28: Interview with Stanley Rosen

Stanley Rosen has worked for the Keyes real estate company for the last ten years. He’s been in customer service solely for the last twenty, starting in the retail industry and moving his way up from the warehouse to a position as the senior regional manager for a company with sixty-seven stores and over seven […]

EP. 27: Interview with Howard Tager

Tager, currently the CEO/Founder of Ylopo, considers himself a serial entrepreneur/ business-owner and real estate investor. He got his start two years out of college when knew he wanted to be his own boss and valued autonomy and creativity. He was already on his way to success in financial and strategy consulting, but found an […]

EP. 26: Interview with Hoss Pratt

Hoss Pratt grew up in southwest Missouri working on a dairy farm, barely making it through college. He knew that he was destined for greatness, and actively started seeking that out. Listen or watch below. His mentor, Jimbo, gave him two specific pieces of advice that were foundational to his business intellect and growth over […]

EP. 23: Thinking Big, Acting Big, and Making a Lot of Money in a Successful Real Estate Business – With Shon Kokoszka

In this episode Grant sits down with Shon Kokoszka. Shon’s Founder of ICON Coaching - working with real estate professionals to improve their production, profit, and lifestyle. Shon’s been training agents for guys like Gary Keller, Realtor 21, REMAX, and many many others. You won’t want to miss out as Grant & Shon break down what it takes to accomplish your wildest goals.

EP. 22: An Interview With Sebastian Rusk

In this episode Grant sits down with Sebastian Rusk. Sebastian’s owns a digital story telling company based out of Miami and helps professionals around the country grow their business through content development, show creation, and branding through story telling! If you’re looking to become the local celebrity in your industry, you won’t want to miss this!

EP. 20: An Interview With Owen Hemsath

In this episode Grant sits down with Owen Hemsath. Owen’s the founder of Owen Video - California Small Business of the Year Award Recipient. Check it out as Owen and Grant break down the entrepreneurial mindset and what it takes to run your own business. More specifically, how to use video to dominate your market.

EP. 18: How to Build True Wealth in Your Business – With Joshua Smith

In this episode Grant sits down with Joshua Smith. Joshua’s sold over a BILLION dollars in real estate in his career and did over 650 transaction’s last year alone. You won’t want to miss out on this as they discuss how Josh’s history in health and fitness helped to show him how to be successful in real estate and how owning a gym gave him the skills to scale his real estate business.

EP. 17: An Interview With Italina Kirknis

In this episode Grant sits down with Italina Kirknis. Italina’s based out of Cali, but her company helps real estate pros all over the country manage their Social Media across all platforms, with an Emphasis on LinkedIn. You won’t want to miss out on this as they discuss how to use LinkedIn to grow your sphere, improve your brand, and grow your business.

EP. 16: An Interview With David Fanale

David’s been involved in EVERY facet of real estate for the last 3+ decades. From building homes and apartments to investing in and managing single family and multi-family complexes all while owning a brokerage. He’s seen it all. Don't miss out as they discuss how to put systems and processes in place to become a successful real estate PROFESSIONAL, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.

Ep. 3: Are You Sabotaging Conversion Rates?

Grant discusses ways real estate agents often kill their conversion rates for online leads. He focuses on learning to love the process by applying his proven strategies to optimize your real estate business through social media marketing and advertising. Please be sure to rate and review with your feedback!

Ep. 2: The Value Of Video

Grant discusses why video is a key business investment for real estate entrepreneurs to nurture and grow relationships with prospective clients. Learn how to overcome the fear of being behind the camera and use video to its full marketing potential! Be sure to rate and review with your feedback!