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The Attractive Character

Traveling home from speaking at Agent 2021 with the VaynerMedia team and Gary Vaynerchuk himself I felt plagued by one continuous questions I got throughout the day. Agent after agent seemed to have one common question about creating content and building a brand on social media: “How do I create all of this content and […]

How to Create a Tiered Targeted Audience on Facebook

Ever wish you were getting higher quality leads from Facebook ads?   Learn how we “tier” an audience to create hyper targeted leads within our Facebook ads.   The first thing you want to ensure you have is a checklist of relevant Real Estate targeting terms that you can use like I have here. In […]

Uploading A Custom List For Facebook Ads

Hey guys. Grant here and excited to jump in and show you guys how to create some targeted audiences at your custom list. So this can be a customer list. This could be a lead list. There’s a number of different ways that you can do it, but you want to get into your Ads […]

Zillow To Sell Their First House… Now What?

How much more of this are you going to take before the blinders come off and you see the writing all over the wall? I’m not going to make any predictions about where these big lead conglomerates are headed but I know where you are… Out of business. Sorry, before I wrote this out I […]

The 8 Steps to Closing Deals Online

Always be closing, right? Yes, but how? How do I get from lead to close? In this quick training, I’m going to share 8 steps you can take to get more leads, close more deals, and scale your business. Step 1: Lead Generation We all want more leads. We need more leads. Our business depends […]

My Two Journeys

What’s better: accomplishment or transformation? Two things set me on my path to real estate: my own homebuying experience and my job in financial services. I worked in financial services for over 3 years. During that time I saw how much useless and inaccurate advice was being doled out by realtors and lenders. I saw […]

Top 50 Markets To Run Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

For the last 4 years, we have been helping Real Estate agents all over the United States run Facebook ads for their business. In that time we’ve touched nearly 1600 business owners who did not yet have any marketing strategies. After thousands of tests and hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating ads, and generating […]

Symptoms of a Basic Agent

Never thought this would be you, right? Never thought you would look at yourself as someone who could be considered traditional, simple, or, worst of all: basic. It’s okay. We can help you by sharing some of the things we’ve learned as we developed our program to take real estate agents from basic agents to […]

Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Facebook

How much of your marketing budget did you spend on Facebook advertising last quarter? Are you happy with the results? What if I said to you that I can make you the happiest you’ve ever been with your real estate marketing efforts? We’ve managed hundreds of thousands of leads; tested tens of thousands of ads; […]

The 3 Levels of Consumer Awareness

There is a way to properly market your business to people looking to buy or sell a home; and it has absolutely nothing to do with your headshot. It is based on what I call The 3 Levels of Consumer Awareness: Unaware, Home Aware, and Home + You Aware. These three levels all have one […]

How to Become Internet Famous in Real Estate

Fame seals deals. We’ve all seen countless times how one misstep on the internet can break a career permanently. What we haven’t seen as much is how a series of the right steps can make a career. Moreover, we haven’t seen what the right steps are to building a successful real estate business using social […]

Finding Sellers in a No Inventory Market

Are you tired of working 3 times as hard to get your buyer into a home only to have your offer get outbid or overlooked because of the current state of the seller union? Sometimes looking at what’s available on the MLS or Zillow or Trulia isn’t enough to get your buyer into the home […]

Facebook Releases Lead Ads for Real Estate Agents

In early 2016, Facebook added a new type of advertisement to its direct response advertising toolbox. Facebook doesn’t like it when an ad takes a user OFF of Facebook to view an offer. So, to keep people on Facebook, they created “Lead Ads.” Lead Ads give you the ability to collect a prospect’s name, email, […]