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Episode 76: Interview w/ Coach Micheal Burt

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by none other than Coach Micheal Burt. Coach Burt is known as “America’s Coach” and has helped thousands of people realize their full potential through Dr. Stephen Covey’s “Whole Person Theory”. This would become a staple of Burt’s coaching […]

Episode 75: Interview w/ Noelle Nielsen

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast I was lucky enough to be joined by none other than Noelle Nielsen, the founder of Bright Birch Real Estate. She is well known for her awesome marketing videos and innate ability to tell a story. Prior to her real estate career, she ran an award-winning, published […]

Facebook Ad Retargeting

Let’s face it, the process of converting ads into appointments that eventually lead to sales, can be a slow one. You watch the number go up on your website clicks, video views, etc. but your overall conversion rate is still low.  This can be extremely frustrating to watch, anonymous potential leads flocking to your site, […]

Episode 74: Interview w/ Rob Nickell

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, the founder of Rocket Station, Rob Nickell, stopped in, to explain everything you need to know about virtual assistance. We discussed how Rob got started in the real estate industry, what drove him to the virtual assistance industry, and how it helped him improve his business […]

Developing a Content Calendar

Content calendars are extremely important in the success or failure of your content strategy. They help members of your team stay up to date on what you are working on, keep you on track, and help you avoid the panic of creating content last minute.  For this blog post, I wanted to give you some […]

Episode 73: Interview w/ Calvin Curry

On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, Calvin Curry the CEO and Founder of Smart Agents, joined me to discuss all things marketing. We went over everything from Calvin’s introduction into the business world and entering the real estate industry during the housing crash, to how agents can market themselves as an authority in […]

Episode 72: Interview w/ David Tal

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with David Tal, Co-Founder and CEO of Agentology. If you don’t know, Agentology is the dominant figure in the real estate industry in lead engagement and qualification solutions. Their team, comprised of hundreds of employees, engineers, and executives […]

Episode 71: Interview w/ James Arthur Ray

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, I had the amazing opportunity to meet with James Arthur Ray, one of the foremost experts in the areas of leadership and performance, and an accomplished author. We discussed James’ journey to where he is now, fighting back from tragedy, performing at your peak, and much, […]

Episode 70: Interview w/ Seth White

  On today’s episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, I had the opportunity to catch up with Seth White, an old friend and local attorney. I wanted to take the opportunity to learn the art of negotiations and how attorneys use different types of tactics to make deals happen. I’ve had on many different people […]

Developing Content Catered to Your Community

When it comes to developing real, engaging content you have to be hyper focused on who your customer is. If you don’t understand your customers and their likes and dislikes, you will never be able to create things they want to engage with. Today, we are going to break down what engaging content looks like, […]

Episode 69: Interview w/ Gogo Bethke

  No matter your situation, controlling the things you can control will allow you to focus on activities that add value to your business and life. Even if you have no money, no sphere of influence, and can barely speak English, you have the ability to control your effort. That is an important lesson you […]

Episode 68: Interview w/ Matt McCutcheon

  I am almost certain, that the key to life is helping and serving those around us. I’ve always had a vision of helping people reach their reach their goals and obtain the financial freedom they long for. That is why today’s episode of The Marketing Genius Podcast, is one of my favorites so far. […]

Episode 67: Interview with Eli Wilde

  Life is often about trial and error. Today’s guest spent time living in a tent in his twenties, transitioned into acting in Hollywood, then moved on to become one of the top sales people in the US producing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. On today’s episode, I had the opportunity to sit […]

Episode 66: Interview with Rob Chevez

  There is a BIG difference between being a real estate agent and running a business. On this episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast, Rob Chevez took some time to explain how he and his team over at the CAZA Group have taught agents how to manage a financially savvy business, not just be good […]

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

If you haven’t taken the time to watch, Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on the Golden Circle, you are really doing yourself an injustice. The message that Simon gives has been viewed millions of times and helped people from all walks of life achieve more in their business. The overall theme of the message is one […]

Creating a Retargeting Audience Based on Facebook Ad Engagement

It’s important to know how to continually “touch” people socially based on what ads they are engaging with from your business. I’m going to show you how to create a retargeting audience based on users who have engaged with your content. To get started you’ll want to go into your tools within Facebook and click […]

How to effortlessly use the Facebook pixel to generate Real Estate leads

Today, I’m excited to jump in and show you how to effortlessly leverage the Facebook pixel to create retargeting audiences that would allow you to advertise further to people that are engaging with your marketing campaigns. The Facebook Pixel is a “cookie” that is embedded into your website. The pixel allows you to track the […]

Uploading A Custom List For Facebook Ads

Hey guys. Grant here and excited to jump in and show you guys how to create some targeted audiences at your custom list. So this can be a customer list. This could be a lead list. There’s a number of different ways that you can do it, but you want to get into your Ads […]

Zillow To Sell Their First House… Now What?

How much more of this are you going to take before the blinders come off and you see the writing all over the wall? I’m not going to make any predictions about where these big lead conglomerates are headed but I know where you are… Out of business. Sorry, before I wrote this out I […]

Top 50 Markets To Run Facebook Ads For Real Estate Agents

For the last 4 years, we have been helping Real Estate agents all over the United States run Facebook ads for their business. In that time we’ve touched nearly 1600 business owners who did not yet have any marketing strategies. After thousands of tests and hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating ads, and generating […]

Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies for Facebook

How much of your marketing budget did you spend on Facebook advertising last quarter? Are you happy with the results? What if I said to you that I can make you the happiest you’ve ever been with your real estate marketing efforts? We’ve managed hundreds of thousands of leads; tested tens of thousands of ads; […]

The 3 Levels of Consumer Awareness

There is a way to properly market your business to people looking to buy or sell a home; and it has absolutely nothing to do with your headshot. It is based on what I call The 3 Levels of Consumer Awareness: Unaware, Home Aware, and Home + You Aware. These three levels all have one […]

Finding Sellers in a No Inventory Market

Are you tired of working 3 times as hard to get your buyer into a home only to have your offer get outbid or overlooked because of the current state of the seller union? Sometimes looking at what’s available on the MLS or Zillow or Trulia isn’t enough to get your buyer into the home […]

Facebook Releases Lead Ads for Real Estate Agents

In early 2016, Facebook added a new type of advertisement to its direct response advertising toolbox. Facebook doesn’t like it when an ad takes a user OFF of Facebook to view an offer. So, to keep people on Facebook, they created “Lead Ads.” Lead Ads give you the ability to collect a prospect’s name, email, […]

Why Marketing Needs To Be Your Life

Harsh truth: You cannot be anything without marketing. Marketing is your life and I am going to explain why. Marketing is about getting attention from people around you. It’s about getting people to know your name. Simple, right? So how are you going to do that? The answer is through social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, […]

6 Reasons You Are Not Generating Sales

There are many metrics for measuring success in business. The metrics could be Return on Investment (ROI), conversion rate, number of signups, increased customer base, increased customer retention or any other type of metric. These have all become very important in measuring the success (or lack of it) of any business. In actual fact, if […]

Social Video Is The Future: What You Need To Know

The year is 2019. You just came across a white paper that claims that consumer Internet video traffic now makes up over 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic (an increase of 64% just five years earlier). The document also claims that consumer video on demand more than doubled during the same time frame. You’ve […]

How To Sell Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Sold

Have you noticed how enraged people can get if they feel they are being sold to? “Stop. Calling. Me.” You know what I’m talking about. I’m pretty sure many of you don’t like to be called even if you have calling within your business model. You’re not alone, though. Some people even hate it when […]

10 Questions for Finding Your Ideal Client

Discovering your ideal client is one of the most important things in marketing today. Running marketing campaigns or writing blog posts hoping they will be relevant to your audience without identifying the details of your audience is a waste of resources. You need to understand exactly who you are marketing to. The person that tries […]